Feb 21, 2011

Trolling the Aisles of Your Super Market

Maybe coupon shopping just isn't your bag.  Maybe you hate even the idea of paging through the newspaper ads and cutting out coupons, or worse yet, printing out coupons online and using your valuable paper and ink!  If this is you, here is an easy way to still pick up some great deals at your grocery store without the scissors or newsprint stained fingers.

Each week during your weekly shopping trip, take an extra 10 minutes and slowly walk down a couple of aisles looking for those lovely $1.00 sale tags -- or 2/$1.00 is even better!  My personal favorites to comb on a regular basis are the personal hygiene and cleaning supplies aisles. You'll be amazed at often your favorite deodorant, toothpaste or window cleaning spray are on sale for only $1.00 (which is typically much less than half the regular price).

If I didn't walk down these aisle WHEN I DON'T NEED these items, I would end up paying full price just a few weeks later -- when I'm desperate.   We've all been there before!

My second little piece of advice is to buy 12 of these items when they are on sale for $1.00.  Instantly you have a year's supply of this product.  Easy Peasy.

Remember, the most expensive item is the one you HAVE to buy right now.  I think it's a cosmic law that nothing is ever on sale at that moment.


Jenny said...

I liked this post.
The cosmic rules of the universe ALWAYS apply to me.

Stacia said...

Having stocked up this way, I will say that I haven't used 12 deodorants or 12 bottles of conditioner in a year. Pay attention to actual usage as six might be enough. Or maybe I'm not hygienic enough!

Packrat said...

Thanks for reminding me to check the hygiene aisle. For some reason, I never walk there unless I do need something.

Otherwise, this is why I always come out with way more than just the items on my list. Don't forget to check out the meat, too.