Jun 3, 2010

Cheaper Cleaning Products: Part 3 (Merrick)

Someone mentioned in the comments of the last post that white vinegar was a great cleaning product. I personally have never used vinegar to clean my house, but after a little google search I found out how great it is -- not only is it cheap, it's also non-toxic, and kills bacteria, mold, and germs!

My husband hates the smell of vinegar (while I love it -- reminds me of salt and vinegar chips...yum!), but apparently the smell goes away as soon as it dries. That's a good thing because I probably don't want my house smelling like potato chips.

From cleaning your counter tops to making your pennies sparkle like new, white vinegar has so many uses for cleaning. Check out this awesome list here.

Philip is gone this weekend, so I think I'll be testing it out on my shower...I'll let you all know how it goes!


Betsy said...

I use white vinegar in my laundry rinse cycle in lieu of fabric softener, which is highly, highly toxic. No, it doesn't make the clothes smell like a salad! I pour it into one of those Downy fabric softener balls to the line (I think that equates to a 1/2 cup but have never measured it) and it works great.

I like the smell of vinegar too, it's a clean scent to me.

Madame Coin said...

Vinegar is NOT a high-powered disinfectant; don't expect it to do what something like diluted bleach could do.

The acidity is simply too low to effectively kill everything.

As for good alternatives, I have none. Yet.

Packrat said...

Funny. My husband hates the smell of vinegar, too, but I love the smell. I like using vinegar to wash the inside of the frig. Gets rid of all the old smells.

Becky said...

I use diluted vinegar to clean out my kids' sassy mouths- we have it in a spray bottle and call it 'sassy spray'. Needless to say they are pretty careful about what comes out... they DO NOT like the smell of vinegar either. I've probably set them up to be like your husbands!!! ooops.

artemisia said...

I use vinegar in nearly ALL of my household cleaning. How did you like cleaning with it?