Jan 26, 2011

Price Adjustments (Janssen)

I am floored that I have not mentioned this before. In fact, I just spent about 25 minutes searching the blog to be sure I haven't posted about this before, but both Google Reader and the search feature on the blog are swearing I have not. So, stop me if you've heard this one . . .

Is there anything more painful than buying something at full-price and then seeing it go on sale immediately afterward?

Did you know that if you buy something and the price goes down with a week or two of your purchase, many stores will refund you the difference?

All you need is your receipt - march up to the checkout desk, and ask if you can get it price adjusted. If you paid by credit card, often the difference will just go right back on your card.

Last week, I bought quite a number of baby clothes for my little girl because Old Navy was having a really excellent 40% off the clearance price sale. I stopped in today when I was going to another store near Old Navy and noticed that all the clearance items were now FIFTY percent off the clearance price. Plus, most of the items had been marked down even further. No problem - all the items I'd bought last week now were priced at the new lower price. Two quick seconds at the register.

Most stores have their price adjustment policy on the back of their receipts or on their website.

It's probably not worth an extra trip, most of the time, but if it's a store you frequent a lot, keep your receipts in your purse or wallet and have them rescan them the next time you're in.


Mary said...

Great tip! I've heard this before but didn't know if it was for all stores, or just certain ones. Word to the wise: Amazon does not do price adjustments! We bought a Wii game during their "super special black friday" discount week and then a week later it was about 10 dollars cheaper. There was more than one of us that complained to corporate but we all got the same answer. I wasn't really expecting them to do anything, it was just frustrating!

Miss Cupcake said...

I just did this the other day. I bought two sweaters on sale from $60 each to $30 each. And then less than a week later, they were $15 each so I went into the store to see about getting an adjustment and was informed one can only get price adjustments on full price items that go on sale but she gave me the adjustment anyway. So worst case is to ask. I've recently looked at receipts and most of them say the same thing about full price items but either way, ASK. I saved $30!!

Hoon's mommy said...

Costco does this too! If you buy something and it ends up in their coupon booklet days, weeks (maybe even a month??) later, just bring your receipt in and they'll refund you the difference. :)

TheMenuMom said...

Wow! Very good tip! Thanks for sharing.

Packrat said...

I believe you have mentioned this before, but it is always good to have a reminder.

Sometimes a really nice clerk will tell you that what you are buying will be on sale on a certain date. (Try asking, too.) Some places will even hold an item or two for you until sale time.