Nov 14, 2010

What are Your Top 5 Skills? (Carole)

Early in our marriage, David and I had a lively conversation about the Five Most Valuable Skills each of us possessed.  I don't remember why this topic came up or how come we settled on the number 5.  However, the subject still comes up every once in awhile, and it's interesting to see how some of our answers have changed over the years, but amazingly not too many -- those valuable skills have remained valuable!

Our definition of "valuable" is very loose.  It could mean that you earn money with this skill, it could mean that you save money with this skill, it can mean that this skill brings you pleasure, or that you just find this skill to be extremely useful.  The following lists are not in any particular order.

David's Top 5 Skills List:
1.  Writing an outline
2.  Writing a thesis statement
3.  Typing
4.  Public speaking
5.  Wood working

Carole's Top 5 Skills List:
1.  Playing the piano
2.  Knitting/Crocheting/Sewing
3.  Reading
4.  How to paint a room
5.  Typing

As we raised our children, we tried to keep this idea of Valuable Skills in mind as we signed them up for school courses, extra curricular activities, lessons, sports and also as we passed on the skills we personally had.  What experiences and/or skills might turn out to bless their future lives?  These will be among their most important assets and should not be ignored.

Take a few minutes and think about what you've learned through your life that has turned out to be valuable to you.  I'd love to hear what some of your answers are.


Heather said...

what a great idea! I think my top five skills will be quite different from my husband's. This requires more thought before I compile my list. Thanks for getting the brain working this morning.

Bart said...

My top five are:

1 - Seeing things from multiple perspectives
2 - Getting to know people
3 - Focusing
4 - Coaching
5 - Climbing trees

Packrat said...

Thank you! Sometimes, I think that I have no talents, then you post this and make me feel good. :)
1. Customer service
2. Editing (Well, I used to be good at it. Am out of practice.)
3. Typing
4. Teaching/tutoring reading and spelling
5. Sewing
However, my husband would say:
5. House demolition

And, if I may add one more, I used to sing and play the piano. So, so out of practice that it is now painful to do either. Shame on me.

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