Aug 4, 2010

Eating On a Dollar A Day (Carole & Janssen)

I'm out in Boston with Janssen and her sweet new baby.  Plus her little family is days away from a move across the country.  We're a bit busy, to say the least!  So, rather than writing a post today, we're sharing a very interesting Time Magazine article, and the accompanying  blog, about 2 people who are feeding themselves on $1 per day.  Maybe a bit extreme, but it will get you thinking about your own food budget in a whole new way!

You'll quickly notice that they eat vegan.  

Time Magazine Article 

Hope you're having a happy, happy day!!


Lisa said...

I started reading this one last night. Kinda like deja vu to wake up and see a post about it!

Carly said...

I read this article a few weeks ago (if it's the same one...) and looked at her blog and thought: CRAZY. But she does it. It really is impressive.

amber waves of grain said...

I'm impressed that they did it for a whole month, but don't think I want to ever attempt it. Some good ideas for cheap foods to supplement, but I'd miss fresh fruits and veggies.

Does anyone else consider their garden grown stuff "free"? I figure that for less than $1 per plant we're already eating really cheap. And this hasn't even been a "good" garden year!