Jul 9, 2010

Frugal Shopping (Merrick)

If you're anything like me, sale racks lure you in. I often find myself in Old Navy and being tempted to buy items only because they're $5.

Because I know myself and know that I will do this, and then end up with items that I don't love, I have come up with a few shopping guidelines. Now every time I take an item off the rack, I ask myself these three questions:

1. Do I love it?
2. Will I wear it?
3. Does it fit in with the style of my current wardrobe?

Now, I still occasionally buy things that I don't end up loving, but with these guidelines I buy more things that I really love and will wear. Being frugal is not just about buying a $5 skirt; being frugal is spending your money on something that you'll actually wear. Think about it as price per wearing. A five dollar skirt that you never wear will remain five dollars. The price per wearing for a twenty dollar skirt that you wear once a week will soon cost only a few cents.

So the next time a sale rack lures you in, think about these three questions and make sure you're spending your money on something that you actually want and really love. Your wallet and closet space will thank you.


Katie said...

I definitely agree with this.

Oh, and I wanted to let you know, I tried baking soda to clean the inside of my oven when I moved to a different apartment last week and it worked like a charm. I already had the baking soda handy, so I didn't have to go out and buy any expensive oven cleanser, and I didn't have to deal with toxic fumes. It saved time, money, and my health.

TheMoncurs said...

I have a rule that I can't buy something unless I absolutely love it (the rule doesn't apply for undershirts. Who falls in love with a DownEast Basic tee?). I'm only allowed to spend money on things that I want to wear every day because I love them so much.

Camille said...

I always put it back and if I STILL love it a few days later I'll go get it.
p.s. I love that you ask yourself if it fits in with your 'current' wardrobe. That picture of your closet a while ago made me drool with envy. :)

Packrat said...

How right you are!

Josh said...

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Chelsea said...

sales always get me. I like these questions- I will have to use them next time I go shopping!