Jun 30, 2010

Time Well Spent (Carole)

We've all heard the saying, "Time is Money."  When it comes to saving money, nothing could be more true.  This is just a short little post to remind you that -

the faster you're living your life, the more money you're probably spending

Because it takes some time to:
 *  Write up a budget
 *  Plan a menu
 *  Cook your own  meals
 *  Look for and use coupons
 *  Become familiar with the usual prices of things
*   Comparison shop
*   Do your homework on the best brands
*   Shop at more than one grocery store
*   Try a DIY project
*   Home repairs

Are you living your life too fast to be frugal??

It's difficult to remove yourself from the frenzied pace of modern life.  But try to slow it down, think things through, consider your options before you buy something, take a few deep breaths and spend your hard-earned money wisely.  Your savings can be enormous.

Photo courtesy of FreeFoto.com  


Katie said...

this is so true.
I realize that my life circumstances don't allow me to spend an inordinate amount of time on money saving (my time can be valuable for other things)
but at the same time, I need to prioritize budgeting! I certainly have enough time to plan before heading to the store, and printing coupons!

Miri said...

Haha... I really like this, and it somehow strikes me as funny! Possibly because it flies in the face of such platitudes as "live in the moment" and "life's too short to ___", which, while true to some extent, are often used to justify reckless behavior. This is a great point.