Jun 25, 2010

June Savings - Week 4

And here we are at the end! How'd we do in the last week of June?

  • Had my husband's leather loafers re-soled and re-heeled instead of buying new shoes.  
  • Signed up for http://www.tvprocessing.com for under $35/year to watch the World Cup games instead of signing up for cable.  The channels come from all over the world, and many are in foreign languages, so that makes watching an interesting experience!  Many sporting events are available through this website.
  • Remembered to send in my $50 rebate form on my new cell phone!  Just got an email saying my check should be arriving in a week or so.  
  • Got a rain check for a sale item that was sold out (frozen blueberries for the win!)
  • Found a free shipping coupon for an online purchase
  • When the price for my plane tickets for Thanksgiving dropped by half, I purchased it so I could use my free ticket for Christmas tickets instead.
  • Sent a text message to the Van Heusen number to get $5 off our purchase at the outlet mall (everything was on sale and Philip was in desperate need of new work clothes -- our total savings with all the discounts was over $150!)
  • Re-booked some plane tickets with Southwest's 39th anniversary sale and got a $60 refund!
  • Finally fixed the broken zipper on a skirt that I bought months ago and was never able to wear. I was on the verge of throwing it out, but now I can finally wear it!
  • Went through my closet and sold some old clothes to Plato's Closet
What about you? Tell us in the comments what you did this week to save or live frugally!


lacie tidwell said...

WOW! You guys did great!!!! This week was different just because I was on vacaion for half of it but we packed snakcs and lunches when we went out instead of hitting fast food, I ate at home ALL WEEK- that's unheard of for me! and myt mother in law gave me free ice cream coupons- after dinner treat for free!! I also ordered MUCH needed mineral makeup from elf.com innstead of buying bare minerals from ulta- savings- $25! and the elf stuff is the exact same stuff!!! I also bought target sunglasses instead of fighting my urge to go and half.com and buy more Diors- I have a secret obsession with Dior sunglasses- so a weak week but still productive!

amber waves of grain said...

Thanks for sharing your savings-- they give me ideas. This week I found great deals at the grocery store so I stocked my pantry. I also did the call-in survey on the back of a Burger King receipt and earned a free whopper. I made bread instead of buying it, and I picked red raspberries for free (Grandma just wanted someone to pick and take them). We were on vacation part of the week so we spent more than usual eating out, but tried to be frugal in the process. Tomorrow I am having a yard sale (cleaning out and hopefully earning a few dollars). A pretty good week here!

Lisa said...

Turned the Pirate's holey pants into the Pirate's brand new shorts, have several pairs to go.

Ate at home every night (fairly common) and at lunch 3 of the 4 days (M-T) of the work week. (On the 4th day I got lunch out because I NEEDED ice cream after a painful morning.)

Did NOT pay $1 for AIR for my tires, instead driving to a different gas station with FREE AIR.

Sherry said...

-did not allow the husband to take me out to dinner last night.

-did a lot of online shopping coupon code hunting in order to get the best deal on a rental car

Rebecca said...

We combined 2 coupons plus a sale to get a $60 XBox game for $10. Score! Also I used up all our leftovers so I don't have to throw any out when we leave for a trip tonight.

Carly said...

I know, I know, this is a big (uncertain) step for me, but I did a considerable amount of research on how to start couponing. Still not sure it's goina work for me, but I'm going to try it out. I even clipped some and plan on using them tomorrow.

Did not drive the car all week (except for necessary drives).

Started a google doc of meals I want to try (does this one really count? I guess it goes towards my menuing efforts).

Didn't do my hair curly all week (to my husband's sadness) because it uses up hair products that the straight look doesn't. (Is it sad that I go to these types of measures to not spend money?)

Worked on Christmas presents (new project underway... going to be great!)

preethi said...

- Again, on the travel note - we chose to use our travel stipend to stay at a B&B with a really outstanding breakfast + free parking instead of a fancy schmancy hotel with no breakfast + paid parking. That way, we could use our daily stipend for other food during the day instead of using it for breakfast. Added bonus = the aforementioned really awesome breakfast.

- Contacted a company about a major customer service faux pas, and was offered $60 in credit. Awesome.

- Had several meals planned for our arrival home so we didn't have to eat out.

Mary said...

I must admit that I did not have a great week money-wise (what with ER copays and all), but I did pop our own popcorn and sneak it into the movies instead of paying for movie theatre popcorn (which we rarely do anyway). I also took my kids to free lunch in the park one day. Nothing beats free! And on my birthday, I chose to eat at Quiznos instead of at a full-service restaurant for my birthday lunch because they offer free kids meals. The meal for our entire family was under $15 (normally for birthdays we spend way more than that).
Like I said, kinda weak, but it's all I can come up with this time.

TheMoncurs said...

Made bread and yogurt instead of buying.

Linked to Groupon on my blog and got 2 $10 referral bonuses

Bought our produce from the local farmer's market which is way cheaper than the grocery store

Nathan and Sharlynn Heinitz said...

Simply did all the things at home that I normally do to save money, and just didn't spend anything this week...easiest way to save

Gina said...

This week was also a vacation week for us. (We are going to be gone almost two weeks.) This week I don't have too much to add, just a couple.

* We used coupons for lunch meat for our lunches this week.

*The boys and I are swimming at the hotel and eating lunch in the room during my husband's business trip. This saves gas, tips to get the car out of valet (business pays for the valet which is required here.) Plus, the $$ saved on not eating lunch at a restaurant.

Jenae said...

We had a fun weekend getaway this weekend where we found ways to save money here and there including bringing our own food, snacks, and water to the San Diego Zoo saving at least 30$ (hello $4 for a small bottle of water?!?) AND we resisted the urge to buy novelty snacks. That’s right. Not. One. Churro. We also wanted to eat at this amazing Brazilian steakhouse which is pretty pricy but we found they had a lunch special that saved up 20$ plus free dessert for my bday AND we ate so much that there was no way we could even think of eating dinner. In fact, I’m still kind of full…

Also, I got free Pink Berry frozen yogurt because it was my birthday. I absolutely heart Pink Berry. We are yogurt snobs.

Janelle said...

I was out of town, but got a killer deal on a rental, which I then split with two others. Also, I crashed on my cousin's couch instead of getting a hotel (but I don't think that really counts, because getting a hotel barely crossed my mind). I didn't grab fast food when I had a lunch time doctor's appointment, nor when I was out of town. And I made some dang cute freezer-paper-stenciled onesies for my cute babies due in Oct.

Leslie said...

I bought a $2 pumice stone/callus remover/foot file, used a $1 bottle of polish from the dollar store and did my own pedicure.

Merry said...

I was shopping for a swimsuit. I liked a particular style, but couldn't find a cute color. Also, I really didn't want to pay as much as I was finding it for. I shopped around and found the same style of swimsuit at a store in Utah county (where I had to go last weekend anyway) that had cuter colors and was $20 cheaper! Big 5 had a great sale.