May 21, 2010

Using the Internet to Save (Janssen)

I love the Internet. That's probably not a big surprise to anyone, seeing as I have a graduate degree in information studies, not to mention two blogs.

I particularly love that the Internet means I can take advantage of great deals without spending my whole life researching them.

For instance, when I'm placing an order at an online store, I can easily Google "Lands End free shipping code" and see if I can get free shipping. Or to see if Old Navy has any 10% off codes. It takes me an extra 30 seconds and it saves me money. Nothing to complain about there.

As I've started getting more into coupons, I've also started using the power of Google to help me use them more efficiently.

For instance, this week, had $3 Huggies coupons. I could have just taken them to the grocery store and used them there, but I had a sneaking suspicion that there was a better deal out there and a smarter way to use up those coupons. I Googled "Huggies Diaper Deal" and discovered that Rite Aid was running a sale.

Every package of Huggies was marked down to $8.99, which was already a better than average price for a drugstore. Then, if you joined RiteAid's mailing list, you got two "$5 off of $20" coupons, plus, you could use your Huggies coupons. And then, if you bought five packages, you could enter your receipt online at Rite Aid and get a voucher for a free package of Huggies diapers.

Not to mention, wipes were on sale for $2.50 a pack and there was a $2 off of 2 pack coupon as well.

If I'd used the coupons at my local grocery store, my diapers would have been $7.95 a package. Instead, they were $3.33 a package (or about nine cents a diaper). 

All for two minutes of Googling. Oh, do I love the Internet or what?


janet said...

That is indeed awesome. I'm guessing you know about but just in case I am leaving it in a comment... :)

Chelsea said...

Can I just say you're awesome! Your brain with coupons works in a way I have a hard time following. I wish you didn't live on the other side of the country so you could teach me how to do that!

Camille said...

Careful how many diapers you buy at once, though! Depending on the size of your baby, she might be in and out of them in no time. I ended up giving Merrick one partially used, but open (and therefore unreturnable) box of newborn diapers and one partially used, but open package of size ones. Wasted money on my part, i have learned my lesson since :) Of course, as they get older, I think they stay in one size for a while :)

Leslie said...

I just found this link this morning:

But you probably already knew about this one!

Julia said...

this blog, gives weekly tips on sales on things young families use. some of them might be too regional (Florida), but many of them are internet buys, like the carseat featured this week.