May 3, 2010

Calculating Baby Costs (Merrick)

In the weeks and months prior to the arrival of our little boy, I came to the realization (as all first time mothers do) that babies can cost a lot of money! However, like groceries and gas bills and other necessities of life that we've blogged about on FW=WL, there are great ways to save money for baby things. So I'm jumping on the Money Saving Mommy Bandwagon and learning as I go...and I'd love for all of you to learn with me!

For today, let's look at some of the major baby costs. Check out this cool Baby Cost Calculator.

If you scroll down through the entire page, you will see the list of "Ongoing Costs," and the list of "One-Time Costs," each listing an estimated cost per item. It's hard to believe such a little person could need this much stuff!

Over the next several posts I want to talk about some of these costs and how I saved on them, how I plan to save on them, and how you can save on them.

For now, have fun entering in as many zeros as you can on the Baby Cost Calculator and see how low of a number you can get under "Your baby's first year will cost: _______." Hopefully you can get it below the default $10,158!"


Stacy said...

I'm happy to say that because I'm on my second girl, my ongoing expenses are fairly minimal. It almost feels like cheating.

This child will cost me $2,562.

Packrat said...

My suggestions to keep costs low are to trade items back and forth between friends and family members and to shop thrift stores and yard sales. Soap and water and a couple of cans of paint are cheap compared to buying everything new.

On the car seat issue - check with your auto insurance company for rebates or discounts.

Packrat said...

PS - Make your own baby food.