Feb 1, 2010

Are you Getting Paid to Shop? (Merrick)

Are you one of those people who never makes an online purchase without checking for free shipping codes, or a 10% off coupon? Well, I am totally one of those people. But it seems like whenever I search for coupon codes or discounts, either I can’t find any, or there are a few great ones but they have all expired. Then I end up having to pay full price and it makes me mad.

Then I discovered Ebates.com. Do you know about this glorious website? If you don’t, go there right now and check it out.

Ebates is not only great because it has access to tons of great online coupons, but it’s mostly great because it pays you to shop online. Seriously. Once you sign up (which is free), you can search through hundreds of stores, where it shows you what percentage of your total order they will give back – anywhere from 1% to 25%, depending on the store!

Just browse through their list until you find the store you want to order from, and then click on their “Shop Now” button, where it will automatically connect you to that store’s website. Do your shopping as normal, and within 2-3 days you can check your ebates account and see the money that has been deposited in your account. From there, you can choose to have your money sent to you via paypal or check, and every three months that money is automatically sent to you (as long as you have more than $5 in your ebates account. Otherwise it sits there until you accumulate $5).

How can you go wrong with a site like this? It’s like having a rebate for every single online purchase that you make, which is especially great for purchases you were already planning to make (I’m not encouraging shopping sprees – we are trying to become “frugal wives,” after all).

And finally, if you sign up and then tell your friends about it and they sign up and put your name as their referral, Ebates will give you $5 per friend. [My email address is amerricka72@gmail.com. Just sayin’].

Now head on over to ebates.com and start getting paid to shop!


Janssen said...

I am pleased to be the reason you discovered Ebates :)

Carole said...

My $17.00 check from Ebates it just about ready to ship!

Tianna said...

Happy $5 for the both of us. Thanks for sharing!

Leslie said...

A friend referred me to that site and I used it when I bought a couple of pair of shoes and a sweater and I made almost $10! And?! The stuff I bought was on sale and had free shipping. I made out on that shopping trip!

Kristi said...

I am pleased to be the reason Janssen discovered ebates ; )